LuckyMatic10 - Decentralized Lucky Draw Game on Polygon (Matic) Blockchain


LuckyMatic10 brings the excitement of a fair and transparent lucky draw game to the Polygon (Matic) blockchain. Join the thrill of chance by purchasing slots using 0.1 MATIC cryptocurrency. Each slot represents an opportunity to win enticing rewards in a decentralized environment. The game operates autonomously, leveraging blockchain technology to ensure fairness and transparency in every draw.

Game Mechanics:



  1. Send MATIC to the contract address to purchase slots and join the lucky draw adventure.
  2. Each slot costs a minimum of 0.1 MATIC, allowing players to tailor their participation according to their preferences.
  3. To maximize your chances of winning, consider purchasing multiple slots.
  4. Wait for the total MATIC in the contract to reach at least 10 MATIC to trigger the draw.
  5. After the draw, check the contract's event logs to discover if you are the fortunate winner.
  6. If you win, your reward will be swiftly and automatically transferred to your address, ready to be enjoyed.


Play responsibly. Participation in the LuckyMatic game involves risks, and outcomes are subject to chance. Ensure you understand the game rules and mechanisms before embarking on your lucky journey.

Smart Contract Address: