Lucky Draw Big on Polygon (Matic) Blockchain


Lucky Draw Big is a decentralized lucky draw game deployed on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain. It offers participants the opportunity to engage in a fair and transparent game of chance by sending MATIC to the contract address. The contract utilizes blockchain data to generate random numbers, determining the winners of the draw. If the generated random number is 5 or higher, the participant wins a reward. The reward is calculated as 135% of the MATIC sent by the participant.

Game Mechanics:



  1. Send MATIC to the contract address to participate in the lucky draw.
  2. Wait for the contract to generate a random number.
  3. If the generated number is 5 or higher, you win a reward!
  4. Rewards are automatically transferred to your address upon winning.


Play responsibly. Participation in the lucky draw game entails risks, and outcomes are subject to chance. Ensure understanding of game rules and mechanisms before participating.

Smart Contract Address: